Q: How much weight will the chair hold?
A: We recommend that you do not exceed 350 lbs.

Q: How long will the batteries last?
A: The daily life of the batteries is determined by the weight of the operator/rider and terrain in which the chair is being operated. Under ‘normal’ conditions, you should experience 6-8 hours of operation.

Q: How much does the chair weigh?
A: 240 lob. without accessories

Q: How long does it take to charge the batteries?
A: 4-6 hours of full charge

Q: What type of terrain can the chair be used in?
A: The chair’s manufactured intended use was for pavement, hiking trails and most beaches.

Q: Can I choose different colors or customize my chair?
A: We offer over 6,000 color choices and can customize your chair to your requirements. Contact us for more info.

Q: What type of warranty comes with the chair?
A: We offer a lifetime warranty on our frames, and a one year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts and labor.

Q: Will my chair operate in the rain?
A: Yes. However, we do not recommend that the joystick be exposed t wet conditions for an extended period.

Q: How do I clean my chair?
A: The frame, seat, wheels and tires can all be sprayed by a standard garden hose. However, we do not recommend that the ¬†motors and batteries be cleaned using a solid stream. We recommend a ‘light’ or ‘fine’ mist.

Q: Is maintenance required?
A: We recommend that yo maintain consistent air pressure in the tires. For all other maintenance, contact Outdoor Extreme Mobility.